Wave Information Study


WIS Data Portal API

With the launching of the new WIS Data Portal in 2022, the new system provides many advantages over the previous system. One of these advantages is through the use of the WIS Data Portal API which allows users to send requests directly through scripts to be fulfilled without the need of going through the main portal interface.

The Portal API is available from the URL, https://wisportal.erdc.dren.mil/wis-api/apidocs/#. This page gives information to assist users in formulating the appropriate URL to send through scripts to gather the information needed.

Additional examples will be added in the future.

Points of Contact

Name: Dr. Candice Hall (Team Lead)
WIS Team Members:  Dr. Tripp Collins, Dr. Tyler Hesser, Dr. Robert Jensen, Mary Bryant, and Mitchell Brown
Program Manager:  Dr. Spicer Bak
E-Mail:  WISinfo@usace.army.mil