Wave Information Study


Update 10/11/23:
◾ 2022 Hindcast is available for all regions.
Newly added - Dynamic generation of Extremes tables/plots (~8 mins), Mean-max tables (~5 mins), and 2d Spectra.
Newly added - Tool for extracting CMS-Wave model input from WIS Stations (beta-testing).

WIS Project Mission

The Wave Information Study project provides a national resource of long-term wave climatologies for all U.S. coastal waters using high-resolution wind fields, mean daily ice concentration fields (where appropriate), third generation phase average wave modeling technologies, that are extensively evaluated to point-source measurements and satellite-based altimetry providing high quality wave estimates. The multi-decade hindcasts and storm event archives are generated to meet tomorrow's coastal engineering needs today.


  • Knowledge of the wave climatology is required for planning, design, construction, and maintenance of USACE projects in the coastal zone
  • Information is scarce due to the lack of measurements at locations over timescales long enough to be statistically significant
  • This lack of information is a critical problem for USACE operations, and project maintenance near the coast


  • Generation of long-term coastal wave estimates using spectral wave models forced by high quality wind fields, to retain continuity
  • Validate the model estimates to measurements
  • Provide easy access to the estimates and tailored products specific to project needs


  • Fully automated hindcast system with limited manual intervention
  • Model simulations cost-effective compared measurements
  • Timely web site updates with new wave estimates



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